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Mobile Boat Hoist

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Mobile boat hoist (MBH) is an equipment which is designed for dewatering, transferring and launching of vessels in new-building and repairing shipyards. It can be used for lifting small or large boats and ships in maintenance and repairing projects while avoiding various risks and damages. It has good performance, delicate operation and also a strong structure with good safety level and reliability. Aram Shenavar Kian Qeshm Company is capable of constructing this machine in the capacities of 50 to 800 tons.

The main structure of MBH includes hooks, electric control system, hydraulic hoisting mechanism, steering devices, and other structures. The crane can be used for dewatering, transferring and launching of boats and ships with different heights and widths. Furthermore, it adopts a soft and firm belt and slings to lift vessels. MBH has many advantages including a convenient maintenance, proper flexibility, long tern durability, and simple operation. 

It is good to mention that if the MBH moves on uneven surfaces, it still has high levels of safety and reliability during the operation process. 

The Mobile Boat Hoist can also be used for many other functions. One of which includes dewatering and transferring of vessels in yacht terminals or any other kinds of wharfs.

We are certified with standard and professional-related documents in manufacturing MBH machines. Choosing our products would be your best investment in the market of lifting equipment.



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