Floating Hotel (Suite)

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The concept of the Floating Hotel is rapidly growing in the world, along with its increasing application in back waters, lakes and inland waterways. In order to develop the country's maritime tourism industry, Aram Shenavar Kian Qeshm Company has designed 2 and 4-person suites for young couples as well as families.
These Suits are made available by our company in two models, Aram-FS2 and Aram-FS4. Our expertise is in offering these models customized specifically to meet the demands of our clients. having a lounge, a small kitchen, and a WC and bathroom, the Suit provides a perfect collection which gives the feeling of a home on the sea.

Floating Hotel (Suite)






Body Material


10-12 m

4.9 m

1.2 m

~0.9 m

9 knot

Marine Steel+Wood

2-4 Passengers

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