Floating Picnic Cottage, SAYDA

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The unique design of Floating Picnic Cottage provides you with an interesting way of eating and socializing. This Floating Picnic Cottage fits in a whole group of people and can make your beach gatherings more exciting and fun.

In cases where the Floating Picnic Cottage is offshore and far away from the beach, it is advisable to transfer passengers and tourists to its location, using the Pontoon Boat produced by Aram Shenavar Kian Qeshm, then spend memorable moments on it.

The Floating Picnic Cottage, produced by Aram Shenavar Kian Qeshm, is equipped with a 20-hp engine and can move up to speed of 5 knots per hour. This Floating Picnic Cottage has the capacity of 10 passengers, comfortably fitting in.

SAYDA Floating Picnic Cottage Specification

Inscribed Diameter




Hull Material


Engine Power


4.5 m

3 m

1500 kg

35 cm



+1 Crew

20 hp

5 knot

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