Aramshenavar Kian Qeshm Co

Aramshenavar Kian Qeshm company began operating in the summer of 2012 on Qeshm Island. The company is active in providing technical and commercial requirements of industries and factories, both in the island and across the country.

The Trading section of the company also operates in exporting the goods and services of partner businesses and industries in addition to supplying their needs.

The company's plant aimed at building and repairing of sea vessels is being planned, designed and built on the coast of Qeshm Island. Currently the boats and vessels available from this company (up to 60 m in length and 800 metric tonnes in weight) and related maintenance services are made possible using the facilities of the factory located in Bushehr.

Aram Shenavar Kian Qeshm (A.S.K.Q.) is a dynamic and future-oriented company located in Qeshm Island, Iran. The company with almost a decade of experience in ship designing and construction of various types of small vessels (FRP, Aluminum and steel) is one of the greatest exponents of the technological capacity of the Iranian shipbuilding industry. A.S.K.Q Company has acquired experience for a large variety of vessel types and this company’s expertise covers fit-for-purpose designs for different types of ships.

Our company tries to change the engineering expectations by raising the efficiency and profitability of engineering projects to a whole new level. We love challenges and we make things come true!

Our aim is to achieve the creation of outstanding products by focusing on consumer needs, user experience, quality control and paying attention to details on every step of the development process of an idea. Furthermore, with our competence and wide knowledge regarding rules and regulations, we can guide you through different phases of designing and manufacturing to fulfil your expectations.

Thus, don’t hesitate to contact us with any request…

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